Hi all,

The development build had been updated to the latest version v0.8.5 with loads of new features. Here's the major additions

  • Draw controls for building the paths - designed for mobile, but try using the mouse.
  • Shields - you start with 2 - if you have none when you hit something its game over.
  • Shield pick-ups - watch for these to boost your shields back up !
  • Points Combos for successfully navigating over moving platforms - builds extra points for every 5 you can do within a certain time!
  • In game messages when you collect Power-Ups or get points combos
  • Lots of little visual tweaks and big bug fixes

Play it here on the Dev Build page


With 20+ years experience in IT, a board range of skills and a lifelong interest in video games, Alan is the main developer and founder of Bitten Games.

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