Game Name: ThumbTracks

Developer: Bitten Games

Release Date: TBD

Platforms: iOS and Android

Price: Free, IAP, Ad Supported

Availability: Apple App Store, Google Play Store

ESRB: Everyone

Press Contact: info@bittengames.com

Website: bittengames.com/games

Twitter: @Bitten_Games

Discord: discord.gg/KcFxgfd


Welcome to the ThumbTracks press page. If you need any additional information or anything in a different format, don’t hesitate to get in touch via  info@bittengames.com


ThumbTracks – Arcade Driving and Rescue! Drive across various lands using just your Thumb, make Tracks to save the stranded cars and get them safely home. Don’t Crash!

ThumbTracks is currently publicly available via Testflight for the Apple App Store.


ThumbTracks is a casual arcade mobile game in a fun, low poly art style!. The main goal is to skilfully drive through various, vertically scrolling environments, rescue stranded vehicles and guide them home – following in your tracks in a snake-like convoy.

The simple, one-thumb controls are easy to learn, but skill and careful timing are required to navigate the procedurally generated environments (Forest, Snow, Swamp, Desert and Lava), each with their own unique obstacles. Expertly dodge cable cars and paddle steamers! Skid passed tornadoes and flaming balls of lava! Race around giant tumbleweed and crocodiles!

Collected coins (or coins earned from viewing ads) can be used to win new drivable vehicles. There’s 40 unique vehicles to unlock, including boats, trains, muscle cars, construction and military – yes there’s even a tank that can blast obstacles to smithereens.

ThumbTracks has 2 modes – Normal and Endless. In normal mode, completing a stage successfully awards XP, and any keys collected in the stage are banked. Keys unlock upgrade slots on vehicles, and enough XP will Level up the player, earning upgrade points to buy powerful vehicle enhancements – such as speed/steering/grip improvements, shields, bridges and even an RPG.

In endless mode, use a favourite combination of vehicle and upgrades to go for the new high score in each environment. With integrated apple/google game services, compete against friends or on the global leaderboard.

ThumbTracks is a casual game with depth. Easy to pick up and play for a few minutes progress towards your next upgrade or the daily challenges, or for a few hours trying to beat the global high scores!



  • Fun low poly art style
  • Easy one-touch controls
  • 40 vehicles to unlock, drive, upgrade and customize
  • Procedural levels – no two plays the same
  • Daily Challenges – earn extra rewards
  • Achievements and Global Leaderboards via Apple/Google game services
  • Cars, Trucks, Trains, Boats, 4x4s, Construction, Military and more
  • 13 different vehicle upgrades, each with 3 levels of power
  • Over 20 kinds of stranded vehicles to rescue
  • 5 different environments with unique obstacles and challenges
  • Collect Power-Ups in play for instant boosts
  • Earn XP in Normal Mode or go for the High Score in Endless Mode



Bitten Games is a small independent studio run by a solo developer. The studio began in the UK in 2017, but is now based near Philadelphia, PA, USA. ThumbTracks is the studio’s first game to be released.