It's update time again! There's a new playable development version available. You can find out more info on my WIP thread on the Unity Forums

New features since the last update include:

  • Expansion to the tilemap system to allow for tiled obstacles - eg rock cliffs in the desert
  • New Environments : Desert, Swamp and Lava each with unique obstacles
  • New moving obstacles :
    • Desert - tumbleweed, rocking platforms, rocks, cacti, tile-mapped cliffs
    • Swamp - Raising bridges, paddle steamers, crocodiles, trees, dead trees
    • Lava - drawbridges, vertical gates, falling fireballs, sinking platforms, tile-mapped cliffs
  • New decorations :
    • Desert - rocks, skulls, flowers
    • Swamp - lily pads, rolling fog/mist
    • Lava - rocks, lava spurts, floaty rocks
  • New settings menu with some basic settings
    • GFX quality - Low, Med, High
    • FPS limit 30/60
    • Controls Selection - swipe/tap or on-screen buttons
    • Swipe vs Tap sensitivity setting
  • New zone system designing specific layouts for level sections - generic and environment specific, integrated into the procedural creation system.
  • Save/Load implemented for current settings, high score, coins etc
  • Scriptable Objects for levels settings for easy adjustment of such things as level randomness / special land types / zones
  • Expanded the selection screen to dynamically load specific vehicle selectors for each environment as you choose.
  • Auto adjusts the game view for screen ratios between 3:4 and 9:18
  • Tested working on IOS and Android devices
  • endless bugfixes 🙂

Here's an example of a couple of the additions -



With 20+ years experience in IT, a board range of skills and a lifelong interest in video games, Alan is the main developer and founder of Bitten Games.

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