I’ve been hard at work developing Buildy Road and have today updated the playable development version. You can find out more info on my WIP thread on the Unity Forums

New features include:

  • Tilemap system allows for dynamic land destruction/creation on the fly.
  • New Obstacle – Falling rock obstacles to test the tilemap system
  • New Obstacle – snowballs!
  • New Obstacle – Floaty Logs and Floaty Ice
  • Standardised all the mesh UVs to use consistent textures palettes – reworked all UVs in the game!
  • Texture palettes can now be swapped out to give different looks using the same assets e.g. winter/summer/autumn
  • Introduced a random ‘decoration’ routine to give the land more interest.
  • Introduced alternate versions of the Unity Mobile/Diffuse shaders – allowing for the fade effects on the water.
  • Added basic shadow caster/receiver to my custom shader. It works much better than the mobile/diffuse shader
  • Added some particles effects here and there

Here’s an example of a couple of effects that have been added


Snowballs and floaty ice!

With 20+ years experience in IT, a board range of skills and a lifelong interest in video games, Alan is the main developer and founder of Bitten Games.

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