Currently under development is the fast paced one-touch-driving game ThumbTracks.

Your help is required! Can you rescue the stranded vehicles ?

Expertly dodge cable cars and paddle steamers! Skid passed tornadoes and flaming balls of lava! Race around giant tumbleweed and crocodiles! All just using your thumb*!

Aim for a PERFECT every stage to maximize your XP. Level up and upgrade your vehicles. Unlock achievements and go for the global high score!

But beware! If you crash it’s “…just one more go…” time!

✔️ Easy one-thumb* controls!
✔️ 40 vehicles to unlock, drive, upgrade and customize!
✔️ Procedural levels – no two plays the same!
✔️ Cars, Trucks, Trains, Boats, 4x4s, Construction, Military and more!
✔️ 13 different vehicle upgrades, each with 3 levels of power!
✔️ Over 20 kinds of stranded vehicles to rescue!
✔️ 5 different environments with unique obstacles and challenges!
✔️ Collect Power-Ups in play for instant boosts!
✔️ Earn XP in Normal Mode or go for the High Score in Endless Mode!
✔️ Achievements and Global Leaderboards via Play Services

ThumbTracks is a casual arcade game with depth. Easy to pick up and play for a few minutes progress towards your next upgrade/unlockable, or for a few hours trying to beat the high scores!

Help the development by trying the Public Beta/Early Access version :

Download on the App Store

* other fingers could be available.

Download on the App Store