Move the Constructor/Cursor to place path sections. Don't let the driver run out of road/path by building for as long as you can! Avoid obstacles and pick up spinning collectables.

Hitting stationary obstacles will cause a temporary stun but will earn a few extra points - moving obstacles must be avoided/navigated.

Collectable Power-Ups : Dozer - freely destroy obstacles for a while and earn some extra points. Coin Magnet - you'll see. Bridge - build over canyons/rivers/etc and get some extra points!

Use the vehicle menu to change the environment and vehicle - there's six unlocked environments, and nine vehicles so far...

(Play the Lava level for testing Power-Ups - they appear much more frequently. Must be the heat.)


Mouse : With Draw controls - drag the cursor with the mouse to simulate a finger. Click & Drag in selection screens.

Keyboard (In play only) : WASD or Arrow Keys to move the constructor/cursor - best used with Buttons or Tap/Swipe controls setting.

Touch Screen compatible : Should work with touchscreen laptops/tablets - use Draw controls.


This updated version includes:

  • New DRAW controls - designed for mobile/tablets but try with the mouse.
  • Points Combos - get extra points for navigating 5 moving platforms - even more for 10, 15, 20, etc
  • Lots of visual extras!

Please note

  • Everything is UNLOCKED in this version - so for now, coins are just for fun 🙂
  • The game is designed for touch screen so may be more difficult using a mouse/keyboard
  • There is no sound yet

Feedback - It really helps

Simply type something constructive about the game - good/bad, liked/disliked, gameplay, suggestions, etc - focus on anything you think is important.